Captivate: Create Money-Making Presentations
How To Create An Effective Business Presentation
Discover the golden recipe to hook your audience, get them to crave everything you have to say and even thank you for it afterwards.
Learn The Proven Techniques To:
  • ​Get your audience to crave everything you have to say
  • ​Immediatly captivate your audience and hold their attention
  • ​Target your audiences' pain points and hot buttons
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What You’re About To Discover…
  • How to find out EXACTLY what your audience wants to know BEFORE you start presenting…
  • ​The secret to creating “Deliverables” that audiences CRAVE…
  • ​The three crucial ingredients that determine the “Hot Buttons” of your audience...
  • The top 3 ways to develop “Catch Phrases” that will easily command attention from your audience…
  • The renowned “Hook Recipe” for developing a hook that will make your audience CRAVE your presentation as soon as you deliver it...
  • ​How to find out exactly what your audience wants to know BEFORE you start presenting...
  • ​A set of techniques to keep your audience captivated for your entire presentation...
  • A system of checks and balances to ensure you have accurately determined what your audience wants...
  •  And much, much more...
Course Breakdown
  • Module One: Introduction: Welcome to the Course
  • Go behind the scenes and discover the secrets to immediately captivate any audience with a hook they cannot resist. Once you learn this process, you will never look at a presentation the same way again. As a presenter, the most important skill you will ever learn is how to immediately captivate your audience and hold their attention indefinitely. In this 90 minute program, you will learn how to create a presentation using a unique recipe designed to target your audiences’ pain points and hot buttons.
  • Module Two: Find Out What Your Audience Want to Know
  • Identify current topics, interview potential audience members and create a “Top 10” list. To engage your audience members, the theme of your presentation must appear to have value to them and be in line with their goals. It is essential you know what specific topics will be of interest. The best way is to ask them. You’re about to learn how.
  •  Module Three: Create Deliverables That Audiences Crave
  • ​Narrow down your list to the top 6 things people want and then create your deliverables. When I made an analysis of the very best presentations in the world, I noticed a striking similarity among them. Every single one promised to give the audience very specific, practical advice. When you begin to investigate what your audience members want to know, you are beginning the process of creating presentation magic.
  •  Module Four: Create Hooks That Captivate Immediately
  • ​Label the audience fulfillment, label the “Why’s?” and use confident language. Telling them what you’ll give them isn’t nearly as important as making sure they know why they would find it valuable. Oddly, when I ask, “Why would your audience want the takeaways that you’re offering them?” most presenters don’t have a ready answer. What makes the Rule the Room method unique is that it will help you analyze the emotional needs of your audience and be able to convey to your audience exactly why they would want to hear what you’re about to give them.
  •  Module Five: Create an Opener that Wows Your Audience
  • ​Find a common theme for why each of the deliverables are important to your audience, and write that theme out in a single sentence. When presenters can’t tell me why an audience would want what they are going to present, I ask them this: “How will each of your deliverables relieve the pain points and enhance the pleasure points of your listeners?” But it’s my next question that is the aha! moment for most presenters: “How will each deliverables offer them happiness, success and/or freedom?” Having defined their pain points and pleasure points, you can easily determine why the deliverables will benefit them.
  •  Module Six: Deliver the Opener with Credibility
  • ​Introduce yourself and the presentation with your name and the presentation hook. Then, make sure to deliver on the deliverables. The whats—the takeaways—offer practical advice that appeals to people’s conscious needs. The whys meet their subconscious needs. They eliminate or minimize anything that is causing anxiety, frustration, disappointment, or conflict, and they enhance whatever brings them pleasure. State the main hook at the very beginning of the presentation, right after you say the title, to remind your audience members what they’ll get, reassure them that they’ll get it, and make sure they’ll stay in their seats until the end of the presentation, to get it all. Your presentation will be irresistible.
  •  Module Seven: Keep Them Captivated Every Topic
  • ​Reiterate the opening hook, reiterate the topic deliverables and present the topic hook. Years ago, I asked a client what he considered the biggest challenge in his speaking. He said, “I’m always worried I might be droning on while my audience is drifting away.” I’ve since discovered that many presenters share this concern. You can still deliver an amazing presentation if you recognize the signs you need to do this and that you react—the sooner, the better.
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Includes 7 modules and 1 1/2+ hours of success-proven tools and techniques!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 1.5+ hours of on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • ​  Access on mobile, tablet and desktop
About the Instructor
Jason Teteak
Author, Keynote & TEDx Speaker, CEO Rule the Room
Jason Teteak knows what it takes to Rule the Room. The master trainer and speaking presentation teacher has taught more than 50,000 people how to flawlessly command attention.

He’s won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring communications skills via practical, simple, universal, and immediately actionable techniques.

Jason first made a reputation in the medical training industry,
where he was known as
“the presentation coach and
trainer who trains the trainers.” 
Teteak’s attention to detail and precision in communicating definitive information was honed in serving this lifesaving industry. 

In response to many requests, he began to offer personalized services and quickly developed a following as a private coach and a consultant whose clientele includes elite institutions, universities, and top corporate executives.
His new book, Rule the Room, was recently published in the summer of 2013. 
He has developed more than fifty presentation and communication training programs ranging in length from one hour to three days that serve as the basis for this unique, practical, and comprehensive course.
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Includes 7 modules and 1 1/2+ hours of
 success-proven tools and techniques!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 1.5+ hours of on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • ​  Access on mobile, tablet and desktop
a WORD From our fans
”Jason gave one of the most impressive and engaging mini-training 's that I’ve ever seen. It was a short 15 minute one on one ‘How to launch an effective presentation.’ "
-Todd ElkinProject & Product Manager
"I conquered my fear in my last presentation. Thanks to Jason, I was able to give my presentation effectively in front of a crowd without the security of a podium or table."
Payvand Moaddel Associate Software Engineer
”Your presentation was extremely helpful. I had thought my presentation was all but finished. Then I attended the webinar and learned that I had committed most of the sins of PowerPoint and was preparing to lead my attendees to a slow and painful death by PowerPoint. Yikes! I had always thought the PowerPoint was the presentation and needed to stand alone on its own. Probably because I see so many like that.”
- Gregory Hopson , University of Iowa
”Jason is a master at understanding people. What has been interesting to me is that Jason uses his own techniques to
“rule the room.”

Jeremy WrightProject Manager
“The presentation skills courses I have taken from Jason have really helped me gain credibility with my customers. That has increased my confidence, and has also fueled me to improve my internal communication skills..."
Sarah Bottjen Epic Project Management/Implementation Director
Build your business Of Public Speaking
Try Captivate Today
Includes 7 modules and 1 1/2+ hours of
 success-proven tools and techniques!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • ​1 1/2+ hours of on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • ​  Access on mobile, tablet and desktop