"YOU ARE An Energizer"
Watch the video below to maximize the use of your unique style
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Archetype: Make Friends With Who You Are
9-Step Recipe to Unlock the Power of Your Natural Presentation Style
Learn how to be entertaining and make your audience feel 
comfortable and relaxed using your natural style.

Have you ever wondered why some techniques seem to work for others
but not for you? 

It all depends on your
“Presentation Personality”
and in this program you’ll
learn how to leverage yours.
International Public Speaking Coach, 
TEDx Speaker and Best Selling author 
Jason Teteak 
Through my experience working
with thousands of presenters,
I’ve discovered that most business leaders try to imitate the presentation style of others they think are good presenters. If you’ve ever tried to “be like Steve Jobs” and felt uncomfortable in front of your audience, then you
know how it feels when you don’t know how to leverage your presentation personality. I know how to help you find yours, and I’ve seen how it can make public speaking comfortable, successful and even enjoyable.

With the Archetype program, you’ll also get to watch clips from real presentations from 4 professionals who each present one of the 4 styles, so you can see them model exactly how to do it in your own unique style.
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  •     The top 3 ways to make your presentation easier before you start…

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  •     The four step relationship model and what to NEVER say

        How to give your hook that gets them to the oh-so-important “Feelings Level”…

  •     The secret “teamwork formula” that no audience can resist that INSTANTLY makes them open up to you…

        How you can use your natural presentation personality style to entertain your audience…

  •     How you can leverage all four styles to maximize laughter with your audience…

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