Five: Break Down barriers, 
Open Doors
Give An Amazing Five-Minute Presentation
Inspire and motivate more people to fulfill their dreams and goals by taking your five minute presentations to the next level.
Learn The Proven Techniques To:
  •  Create irresistible content
  •  Create an amazing slideshow
  •  Inspire and motivate your audience to take action
  •  And much more...
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What You’re About To Discover…
  • How to create content that audiences will listen to without being distracting…
  • The exact 5-minute “hooks formula” to identify what your audience wants and why they want it…
  • Super quick and cool slideshow techniques that get their attention and are incredibly engaging in less than 5 minutes…
  • How to create your presentation so that you finish on time in 5-minutes or less and get across everything you need to…
  • How to overcome “5-minute stage fright” and deliver a powerful impression and continue to present with confidence…
  • And much, much more...
Course Breakdown
  •  Module One: Introduction and Welcome
  •  This 2-hour program is going to transform how you give short presentations. You’ll learn new techniques for creating irresistible content, practicing to perfection, and delivering a powerful impression. Imagine reaching more people with your passion by preparing and creating the right things to say in the right way. Instead of losing your audience, you’ll learn how to get them to take action in their lives.
  •  Module Two: Create Your Core Content
  •  To engage your audience members, the theme of your presentation must appear to have value to them and be in line with their goals. It is essential you know what specific topics will be of interest. The best way is to ask them.
  •  Module Three: Create Your Tasks, Subtasks and Examples
  •  Create Your Tasks
  • Go through the takeaways one by one. Begin by asking yourself, “Does the audience know how to do this?” This is unlikely, of course, since if the audience already knew how to make those takeaways happen, they wouldn’t be at your presentation.
  • So you need to come up with tasks—procedures or actions that make the takeaways possible. I suggest that a presenter come up with about three tasks for each takeaway. You describe the tasks in exactly the same way you described the takeaways.
  • Create Your Subtasks
  • Once you’ve defined the tasks, go over each one individually and ask yourself if the people in your audience would know how to carry it out. If not, then you have to come up with at least one subtask. Go through the same process as in creating the task. Use an action verb, as few words as possible, and clear and simple language.
  •  Create Your Examples
  • The example is the final level of the task hierarchy. A good presenter gets to it as quickly as possible. It is the most powerful way to ensure that your audience knows how to do what you suggest.
  •  Module Four: Create Your Title and Takeaway Hooks
  •  Create Your Title
  • Your title is key. It’s the main mystery. It’s what motivates your audience to attend your presentation in the first place—an immediately useful, measurable outcome or benefit they will take away from the presentation as a whole.
  • Once you have figured out your takeaways, you have defined exactly what your presentation is about, so you are ready to summarize them in one phrase: the title. Go through the same process as he did in creating the takeaways, with slight modifications.
  •  Create Your Takeaway Hooks
  • Telling people how you will meet their emotional needs—how you will relieve their pain points and enhance their pleasure points—is what makes them crave what you have to say.
  •  Module Five: Create Your Main Presentation Hook and Map Out Your Message
  •  Create Your Main Presentation Hook
  • Once you have the hooks for each takeaway, you can create the main hook for the entire presentation. Just as the main title was a summary of your takeaways, the main hook is a summary of your takeaway hooks. Find it this way.
  • First, review the takeaway hooks. It might help you to underline the key words that correspond to pain points or pleasure points. For each takeaway hook, underline the key words that correspond to the most powerful pain points and pleasure points of your audience. Then add the title of your presentation at the very end of the main hook.
  •  Map Out Your Message
  • Once you have created your irresistible menu and your tantalizing core content, your next task is to combine your words with slides and create a PowerPoint presentation.
  •  Module Six: Practice Your Words and Non-Verbals
  •  The primary need of your audience is to feel safe with you and among their peers, so that’s what you must deal with first. Once they trust you, they will feel safe. The best way to start is with a thoroughly rehearsed strong opening.
  •  Module Seven: Practice Without Looking
  •  To connect with your audience, even before you say a word, you have to make an impressive physical impression. To do that, your first need to practice your presentation the right way. Prepare to take your game to the next level and even cue yourself without losing your audience.
  •  Module Eight: Deliver A Powerful Impression
  •  If you tell me you have a panic attack the moment you stand in front of your audience, I’ll bet I know what your problem is. And—though all these things matter—it’s not because of how you’re standing or that your voice is cracking or that you’re talking too loud or too fast or that you’re sweating. It’s not because of anything you are doing. It’s what you are not doing. You haven’t kept your focus. You’ve forgotten that the presentation isn’t about you; it’s about your audience. When you’re meeting the audience members for the first time, when you’re making that first impression, how you’re feeling and what you’re doing doesn’t matter as much as how they’re doing and how they’re feeling. You should be concentrating on their feelings and their needs.
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Includes 8 modules and 2+ hours of
 success-proven tools and techniques!
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About the Instructor
Jason Teteak
Author, Keynote & TEDx Speaker, CEO Rule the Room
Jason Teteak knows what it takes to Rule the Room. The master trainer and speaking presentation teacher has taught more than 50,000 people how to flawlessly command attention.

He’s won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring communications skills via practical, simple, universal, and immediately actionable techniques.

Jason first made a reputation in the medical training industry,
where he was known as
“the presentation coach and
trainer who trains the trainers.” 
Teteak’s attention to detail and precision in communicating definitive information was honed in serving this lifesaving industry. 

In response to many requests, he began to offer personalized services and quickly developed a following as a private coach and a consultant whose clientele includes elite institutions, universities, and top corporate executives.
His new book, Rule the Room, was recently published in the summer of 2013. 
He has developed more than fifty presentation and communication training programs ranging in length from one hour to three days that serve as the basis for this unique, practical, and comprehensive course.
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Includes 8 modules and 2+ hours of
 success-proven tools and techniques!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  •  2 Hours of on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  •    Access on mobile, tablet and desktop
a WORD From our fans
”Jason gave one of the most impressive and engaging mini-training 's that I’ve ever seen. It was a short 15 minute one on one ‘How to launch an effective presentation.’ "
-Todd ElkinProject & Product Manager
"I conquered my fear in my last presentation. Thanks to Jason, I was able to give my presentation effectively in front of a crowd without the security of a podium or table."
Payvand Moaddel Associate Software Engineer
”Your presentation was extremely helpful. I had thought my presentation was all but finished. Then I attended the webinar and learned that I had committed most of the sins of PowerPoint and was preparing to lead my attendees to a slow and painful death by PowerPoint. Yikes! I had always thought the PowerPoint was the presentation and needed to stand alone on its own. Probably because I see so many like that.”
- Gregory Hopson , University of Iowa
”Jason is a master at understanding people. What has been interesting to me is that Jason uses his own techniques to
“rule the room.”

Jeremy WrightProject Manager
“The presentation skills courses I have taken from Jason have really helped me gain credibility with my customers. That has increased my confidence, and has also fueled me to improve my internal communication skills..."
Sarah Bottjen Epic Project Management/Implementation Director
Break Down Barriers, Open Doors
Try five Today
Includes 8 modules and 2+ hours of
 success-proven tools and techniques!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  •  2 Hours of on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  •    Access on mobile, tablet and desktop