The Complete Goal Setting and Goal Achievement Master Class

Double Your Goal Achievement in Half the Time While Working Smarter

Discover the secrets to Personal Productivity, Goal Setting and Achievement that allow you to work SMARTER in your life, not always HARDER. 

Learn The Proven Techniques To:

  • Get working “ON” your life not just “IN” it
  • Learn the art of Yes’s and No’s
  • Make mental shifts you have wanted to make for years
  • Do what you say you’ll do
  • Overcome procrastination, and build follow through systems you’ll LOVE
  • Feel productive everyday
  • Get back energy lost to things “slipping through the cracks” or just feeling like they will
  • Avoid the burnout of auto-pilot
  • Discover How to build finish lines and cross them

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  • 7 hours of on-demand video
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What You’re About to Discover

Did you know, it’s all about your follow-through? As a professional athlete and coach turned entrepreneur I’ve been in on a secret for decades. It’s well known amongst tennis greats like Federer, Nadal, Murray and Djokovic, that the only way to truly excel, is to always follow through on and off the court.  Live the kind of personal productivity, goal setting and achievements most only dream of… Unlock this formula to success now with my new course.

My name is Jason Teteak. I am a YouTuber, Author, Trainer of Trainers, Business coach and the Founder of Rule the Room. As an educator, I am committed to YOUR learning, and as with all of my businesses, I have set out to “level the playing field of learning”. The way the world is going, personal productivity is becoming more and more important, and I can teach you how to get from point “A” to point “B” with supreme efficiency. They say “it’s the busy people that get things done—so, if you want to get things done ask a busy person”, but to me busy, is not always efficient or effective. Maybe the saying should go, “ask a productive person”?!?

In this program, I help you capture your best ideas with goal setting for every aspect of your life and make them reality. You will gain the confidence to do the IMPORTANT things, and stop being a slave to unproductivity.

The secret sauce? Great goal setting systems to guarantee your follow through, to make things happen, and lead your most PRODUCTIVE life. You’re learn what I as a goal setting life coach teach my clients.

Early in my training career I worked for a very successful tech company called EPIC. Epic has a wonderfully PRODUCTIVE, not-so-secret, philosophy that bucks the trend of “bull-pen-style”, shove everyone in a football field-sized spot with desks here and there office spaces of Facebook and the like.

Do you wanna know what they did? By the way—its proven to increase productivity by 40 percent and I LOVED IT. …On its 385-acre campus, They provided PRIVATE offices (yes, you get a door!) for ALL staff—a choice that is designed to support the laser-focused-work practices.

This is an example of the type of strategies you’ll find in this program—strategies that work, but aren’t what EVERYONE and their brother is doing or has thought of.

This program is for anyone looking to eliminate Procrastination—those just beginning to embrace a culture of getting things done as well as Seasoned Pro’s.

Have you Heard THIS MYTH?


“I really hope I don’t achieve this goal”, said no one… ever.

There is a big difference between a goal and a wish or dream.

You could wish for a million dollars, or dream of being your own boss, but goals are where the dreams meet reality.

Wishing is much easier– the pie-in-the-sky nature of it all makes it feel less uncomplicated…more fun.

In many ways setting goals and going after them is inconvenient.

Procrastination on the other hand, FEELS good.

It’s much more comfortable to sit back and stall, or promise to get to it “soon”.

But although it might feel better, it makes things WORSE.

This complete, in-depth goal setting course is for you if you are ready to switch gears.

This program is for anyone that is excited to pursue what they want to become, in business, in life, or all of the above.

This complete goal setting course covers everything you need to:

  • Run your own race with the best version of yourself.
  • Thrive with your life – not just survive
  • Catapult your life to places you never dreamed
  • Live out your true worth.
  • Use your success to bring success to others

In this program we take a goal for what it is, in its simplest form–

A goal plan is a plan to move you from point A to where you want to get to– point B.

Without goals, there is no growth, or worse, you are not shaping your choices, but just letting others’ goals shape your life, likely without taking your needs into account.

I created this goal-setting system and achievement system for you to strategically meet those needs and take those dream and wishes and make them happen.

Learn these whip-smart ideas and personal productivity systems and get yourself to the top of your game by working smarter, with these proven winner strategies.

Wake up energized for your day tomorrow—let’s get going!

Course Breakdown

  • Module One: Set Meaningful Goals
  •  Learn how to run your own race with the best version of yourself by setting meaningful goals for your life.
  • Module Two: Leverage Focus to Achieve Your Goals
  • Build momentum to make great things happen in your life by leveraging your focus to achieve your goals.
  • Module Three: Fail-Safe Follow-Up System
  • Save rewards from slipping through the cracks by creating a fail safe follow-up system
  • Module Four: Master Your Girt Scale
  • Learn how to not just “talk about it” (whether that’s your goals, your success, your fulfillment, or anything in your life), but how to “be it”, by mastering your grit scale.
  • Module Five: Take A Risk
  • Grow yourself and your career faster and stronger by learning how to take a risk in a healthy, productive way.
  • Module Six: Solve Your Inefficiencies 
  • Get a higher rate of return on your time by solving your inefficiencies in every area of your life.
  • Module Seven: Set Positive Boundaries
  • Practice the respect that people gravitate toward by setting positive boundaries in your life.
  • Module Eight: Better Your Process
  • Thrive with your life, not just survive, by bettering your process.
  • Module Nine: Surround Yourself with Great People
  • Catapult your career to places you never dreamed of by surrounding yourself with great people
  • Module Ten: Live Out Your True Wirth
  • Stay true to your vision and goal and make an impact by living out your true worth.
  • Module Eleven: Live Out Giving First
  • Use your positive success to bring positive success to others by living out GIVING FIRST.
  • Module Twelve: Detach Yourself from the End Result
  • Be free from a world of struggle and hurt as you set and achieve key goals in your life by detaching yourself from the end result.

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Includes 12 modules and 7 hours of success-proven tools and techniques!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • 7 hours of on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile, tablet and desktop

About the Instructor

Jason Teteak

Author, Keynote & TEDx Speaker, CEO Rule the Room

Jason Teteak knows what it takes to Rule the Room. The master trainer and speaking presentation teacher has taught more than 1,000,000 people how to flawlessly command attention.

He’s won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring communications skills via practical, simple, universal, and immediately actionable techniques.

Jason first made a reputation in the medical training industry,
where he was known as...

“the presentation coach and trainer who trains the trainers.”

Teteak’s attention to detail and precision in communicating definitive information was honed in serving this lifesaving industry.

In response to many requests, he began to offer personalized services and quickly developed a following as a private coach and a consultant whose clientele includes elite institutions, universities, and top corporate executives.

His new book, Rule the Room, was recently published in the summer of 2013.

He has developed more than fifty presentation and communication training programs ranging in length from one hour to three days that serve as the basis for this unique, practical, and comprehensive course.

Try Goal Setting Today!

Includes 12 modules and 7 hours of success-proven tools and techniques!


  •  7 hours of on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile, tablet and desktop