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 Welcome to Coaching From Rule the Room Public Speaking

Transform your public speaking and presentation skills with coaching that brings together the best of personal and professional growth.

Do you know – deep down – that you are capable of more, but it just isn’t happening?

Coaching from Rule The Room Public Speaking might be just what you need.

While employing the principals of Rule the Room Public Speaking, our experienced coaches can help you unlock your true potential.

We all know knowledge without execution does not get you across the finish line.

One of the greatest challenges for many public speakers is the difference between having the knowledge accessible and actually learning, absorbing, applying and implementing that learning in a way that works for each unique individual.

That is where coaching comes in.

Often we are confident we can do it ourselves and quickly find ourselves distracted, spinning and overwhelmed with the many challenges of creating and delivering an amazing presentation.

Coaching is a dynamic, personal and strategic tool to accelerate your understanding and implementation of the best practices that will take you to your highest level.

 Coaching From Rule the Room Public Speaking is For You if…

  • You’re a mover and shaker who wants to quickly break through levels of public speaking growth and development.
  • You understand yourself and any things that are holding you back.
  • You leverage your strengths and profile.


  • You set clear targets and goals.
  • You’re willing to Learn and apply key Rule The Room Public Speaking strategies.
  • You can stay accountable and on track to rapid growth and results.


CANI = Constant and Never Ending Improvement

 Public speaking is a skill that needs to constantly be worked on.

Our online video programs are second to none, and there is a complementary 1-on-1 element personally tailored for you to help you become even more authentic, genuine, and irresistible… that’s where our one-on-one coaching comes in.

Learning all of our Rule the Room techniques works wonders through our video courses, and getting face to face via Zoom with one of our coaches will help you take what you’re learning to another level.

While helping thousands of people with their presentation skills, many have shared that not only have their presentations improved, but they’ve also found it helpful in many areas of their lives, because when you work on your public speaking, you’re working on your communication skills.


Coaches Who Walk the Talk

Our coaches are all trained and seasoned in the Rule the Room Public Speaking curriculum. As public speakers themselves, they too know the difficult challenges of presenting.

They know what it takes to run a business and all of the excitement and challenges that can go along with it. As qualified and proficient coaches, experienced business owners, and Certified Rule the Room Public Speaking specialists, they know what it takes to deliver a BIG presentation whether it’s a keynote, TED talk, or a 1 on 1 Interview.

They’ll also support you to personally advance and professionally excel in your life, work and business.

Take Your Public Speaking to the Next Level

 Let Us Help You In The Following Areas…

Conquer Your Fears

  • Face your fear of public speaking and control it rather than let it control you
  • Appear completely calm and confident even when you’re feeling nervous
  • Create, practice and deliver a no-fear presentation
  • Deliver a confident opener that captivates your audience immediately
  • Eliminate your nervous habits
  • Find your authentic stage presence
  • Learn to look professional — even in (very!) stressful situations

Build Your Business

  • Perfect your pitch and market your business (and yourself)
  • Attract more customers and investors
  • Get them to trust, believe and listen to you
  • Impress clients and win relationships
  • Make an incredible first impression by engaging someone in valuable small talk
  • Find out exactly what your audience wants to know BEFORE you start presenting
  • Keep your audience captivated for your entire presentation

Lead Your Troops

  • Gain respect as a true leader
  • Lead valuable group discussions
  • Motivate change internally with effective meetings
  • Use confident language and find alternatives to negative or controlling words
  • Use directionals to establish leadership
  • Set assertive expectations and boundaries
  • Be ready for anything by answering questions like a pro

Train for TED

  • Become a master presenter
  • Create and deliver effective presentations your audience won’t be able to resist
  • Take charge of your presentation and control your audience
  • Take advantage of working the “sweet spot”
  • Tailor your presentation for specific audiences
  • Elicit questions from your audience
  • Use your face and body language with dynamic effect


Coaching Packages

If you’re interested in coaching from Rule the Room either fill out this brief contact us form, or if you’re ready to sign-up, select one of the two coaching packages below, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will get in touch with you.

Rule the Room Coaching offers two coaching packages, depending on your needs. Once you have selected a package, we will send you a coaching agreement form which must be signed and returned to us. Our expectation is to run our coaching partnership with you for a minimum of 3 months, however you can choose to cancel at anytime.

Coaching Package

 Three 60-minute Zoom sessions

 1 Payment of $997 or 3 payments of $367

Both Packages Include:

  • Coaching via Zoom with your personal Certified Rule the Room Public Speaking Coach
  • E-mail support between the calls from your Certified Rule the Room Public Speaking Coach
  • Unlimited access to ALL PS Lab courses and materials
  • Access to the Rule The Room PS Engage Mastermind Facebook group to collaborate with others in the PS Lab

Want to Get Certified as a Rule the Room Public Speaker?

Your Coach Can Help You With That Too

To earn your certification badge and certificate, just sign up for one of our coaching plans.

During your last coaching session you’ll have the opportunity to give your presentation in front of your coach, who will use the Rule the Room presentation rubric to assess your presentation.

You’re going to need to “know your stuff” to pass the assessment. As long as you score a 70 or above, you will pass. If you don’t pass, you can retake the assessment by signing up for another coaching session.

Normally the Assessment and Certification costs $500, but we want to give our coaching clients exclusive access and get certified for free.

When you successfully pass the assessment, you’ll get a personalized Rule the Room certificate and certification badge to post in all the right places to get more speaking gigs.

Our badges leverage Credly’s “Verified and Shared Achievements” so your accomplishments can be displayed in all the places that matter, including your website, your e-mail signature, job placement sites, community portals, your Linkedin profile, Twitter status updates, and WordPress blogs.

Plus, your digital certificate is full color, and printable. So you can frame it if you wish to show off your achievement at your home or office.

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