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Any dynamic public speaker will be quick to point out that,

“It’s not about you (the speaker), but it’s about the audience that matters.”

I happen to agree.

And fortunately, the systems we built not only allowed us to focus on the audience, they dramatically increased the effectiveness of our presentations.

In other words, we actually INCREASED our audience thanks to the systems we built.

Until recently, these video programs, workbooks, “cheat sheets” and speaking procedures were mine and mine alone.

They were locked in our “vault”, and unless you were a premium keynote client, or you worked as a public speaking coach, you never saw them.

They were our “secret sauce”…
…Our “Mystery Ingredient”

But recently we made a very bold (and some might say CRAZY) move…

We decided to take literally ALL our systems and “cheat sheets”…


…and “open source” them to public speakers across the globe.

We called it “Public Speaking Lab” (or “PS Lab,” for short), because that’s exactly what we are:

A public speaking growth “laboratory” where we get to test out all of our speaking tools, techniques and ideas.

As a “Lab Member,” you get to see everything…the good, the bad and the ugly.

And when we figure out something that works, we systemize and document it into a video “Execution Program” (i.e. video and workbook or “cheat sheet”) that all our members can use.

Here’s A Quick Look At Just
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