Sales Training Courses

Public speaking brings in big business when you do all the steps correctly…when you can truly captivate your audience …they trust you and pull the trigger.

Here are a few of our most popular client goals:

  • Build trust to gain stronger business relationships and leads
  • Create urgency and get them to act sooner, rather than later
  • Build a brand by speaking live or at webinars
  • Use just your voice to get buy-in

One secret is that this information is not cookie cutter… we help you discover how to “Rule the Room” in your unique AUTHENTIC, speaking style. In a sea of public speaking and presentation blogs, Rule the Room is unique because it’s owned and operated by people that know training, how ADULTS learn AND who actually speak all the time. We practice what we preach!! (And it works very well for building our business). Let’s DOUBLE your performance, and see the deals start rolling in!

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Create a Money Making Pitch for More Customers and Investors

Master Persuasion and Influence with Jason Teteak

Product Sales 101: “Best Demo” Award

Sales Bootcamp Pro: Hands-On Sales Presentation Skills

20-Step Video and Podcast Presentation Plan

Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs: Attract More Customers Now!

Public Speaking and Presentations Pitch: The Process Works!

Webinar Presentation Pro: No Beginners Allowed!

Public Speaking and Presentations Pro: No Beginners Allowed!

Create Killer Presentation Hooks: The Secret Pitch

Deliver Money-Making Presentations: Put Power In Your Pitch!